Group Social Walks: 

Your dog will be treated to a fun-filled outing with up to three other companions. West End Dog Walking never leaves our dogs unattended. For reasons of both safety and fun, we never walk   more than four dogs at a time and many times your dog will be walked   with just two other dogs. Your dog is never rushed. Our trained eyes always know what your dog is sniffing and what he/she is up to.

This is West End Dog Walking service's philosophy: 

Give dogs what they really want—and what dogs really want is to be around other dogs. Dogs   instinctively love to socialize with one another. The fun-filled group walks combine lots of walking for exercise and a carefully limited number of companions for your dog to socialize with.

One-hour walks are excellent for both physical and mental health as  well as for correcting inactivity-related behavioral problems. If your dog is in good health then these are the walks   that West End Dog Walking recommends.

Private Walks: 

West End Dog Walking offers private walks with several options in terms of length and time.

When providing your dog with a private walk I will also be happy to follow any instructions you might have; for example, trips to the vet or the park. Our rates are reasonable and value-oriented for multiple dog households. Please review the pricing options.

Puppy Walks: 

Getting a new puppy can be a wonderful experience, yet puppies require special services. West End Dog Walking  can   help.

Once your puppy is old enough to go outside, West End Dog Walking can take him/her out for short walks as many times as you like   (in the company of no more than one other puppy.)  At about five months of age, your pup will be ready to join  the group social walks in the company of other dogs close in age, or you can choose to   continue to have him/her walked privately.